Beware corporate BS artists

Big brain, smooth talker.


These guys do well in big corporates where they can razzle dazzle with eloquent arguments and take credit for performance of underlings.

They don’t actually do anything, except talk a good game and play corporate politics.

Sometimes these guys get the idea that they’d be valuable in a startup.

As an entrepreneur, its easy to be seduced by their pitch.

You are probably desperate for someone with experience to help you keep the ship afloat.

He says all the right words. In fact, he says some words you’ve never heard before. He must be an A-player.

So you hire him at a salary you can’t afford, and you spend six months waiting for him to deliver the goods, which he doesn’t, and then you ask him to leave, and he demands 12 months severance.

Lots of money, time and energy wasted.

Beware corporate BS artists.

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