Be you

Everyone wants one thing: To be themselves, full-time.

People don’t want to pretend. To act. To wear a suit when they prefer jeans. To wear jeans when they prefer a suit.

To work for a bank rather explore Africa. To sit behind a desk rather than surf in the ocean.

To sell insurance rather than write a book.

Sometimes circumstances mean you don’t have a choice. You need the money so you put on your mask every morning and go to work.

Thats life.

The beauty of being an entrepreneur is that you have more freedom to be yourself. To define your days.

In fact, the more “you” you are as an entrepreneur, the more likely you’ll find success.

People love authenticity. Wear a gold chain because you want attention and you’ll go nowhere. Wear it because that’s what you were born to do, and you’ll find people will be attracted to you.

You will find your tribe.

The more of your tribe that you find, the greater your odds of success.

Be you and you’ll win.

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