Be careful who you listen to

When you’re looking for advice, be careful who you listen to.

Some people are clearly smart, it’s easy to listen to them.

Some people are clearly not smart, it’s easy to ignore them.

The dangerous ones are the smart folks that have lost some of their marbles.

On the face of it they’re sensible, but they’re prone to give really bad advice.

Its almost as though they have a mild form of dementia. Spend enough time with them and it becomes obvious that they’re partly insane.

What makes a smart person lose his marbles?

Sometimes its genetic, most times its preventable.

Too much power can go to a person’s head and corrupt his connection to reality.

Same for ego. Ego makes people crazy.

Excess alcohol and drugs can also scramble a person’s brain, mixing in stupid thoughts with the clever ones.

Avoid crazy folk. And avoid the habits that lead to craziness.

Drink alcohol in moderation. Don’t do drugs. Keep your ego under control.

Be careful who you listen to.

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