Entrepreneurs are either product or money focused

1 Product vs money

Ideally every startup should have at least two founders.

A product guy and a money guy.

The product guy focuses on making the best product in the world.

The money guy focuses on making sure the product makes money.

When you ask the product guy “Why do you do this?” his answer is “Because I want to educate the children of Africa”, or “I want to make email seamless and save people time”, or “My sister was a victim of crime and I want to protect others from ever going through what she did.”

When you ask the money guy “Why do you do this?” his answer is “Because I want to get rich”.

It is very seldom that both mindsets exist in one person. And even if it does, it is better to let people focus on their one true passion. Product or money.

A product guy can stay ahead of trouble by innovating but forgets to make sure there’s enough fuel in the tank.

A money guy can keep the ship going but won’t be able to change course in the face of storms or icebergs.

A good money guy knows he needs a product guy otherwise the business will die, and vice versa.

Product guy or money guy. Which one are you?

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