Are you a cowboy or a crook?

There is a fine line between a cowboy and a crook

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re going to break some rules.

There’s no other way to succeed. You’re up against big established players.

They’ve made the rules. If you stick to their rules, you’ll be smashed.

You have to be a cowboy.

The trick is to not cross the line to being a crook.

Where is that line? There are two questions to ask yourself:

  1. Do you have to lie? Life is too short to lie. Don’t do anything you have to lie about.
  2. Can you tell your kids what you’ve done? Your kids will find out one day.

So long as you can go through life telling the truth, and you can look yourself and your family in the eyes without a guilty conscience, you’re not a crook.

Be a cowboy every day. Break the rules.

Stay away from the crooked line.

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