Anti-asshole culture

Every employer knows the damage, both in money and morale, a poisonous employee can inflict. 

But bad apples can slip through even the strictest of recruitment processes. How? Because they’re great actors with psychopathic tendencies. And once they’re in the chicken pen, they cause havoc.

So, you need a plan to identify and get them out of your organisation.

There is only one plan that is foolproof:

An anti-asshole culture. Aka: a positive culture.

A pervasive positive culture provides no place to hide. The bad apples are quickly exposed, and they quickly depart of their own accord. 

Management don’t do the booting. Their colleagues do.

When you have great culture, the workers are the police, not the bosses. 

Great culture creates obsessive loyalty and protectiveness. It creates a sense of ownership. 

So, the boss doesn’t need to stress if the odd bad apple slips through the door, the staff will push them right back out.  

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