Always be the underdog

No matter whether you’re the favourite, always think of yourself as the underdog.

An underdog mentality forces you to prepare, to plan, to innovate. Especially to innovate.

When you think you’re the underdog, you won’t rely on brute force or standard tactics. You’ll realise that you have to be creative to win.

You have to come with new angles, new prices, new strategies. The underdog wins by changing the game rather than standing toe-to-toe with a giant.

Think of David versus Goliath. David knew he was the underdog. Goliath was much bigger, much stronger, and armed to the hilt.

David knew he would lose in a straight sword fight. Instead, he kept his distance and beat Goliath with a sling-shot to the head.

If Goliath had considered himself the underdog, he could have prepared better. Worn a helmut. Carried lighter armour so he could run after David. Used a spear rather than a sword.

Thinking of yourself as the favourite leads to laziness. It dampens the creative juices. Why come up with with something new when you know you’ll win with something old.

Rather think of yourself as the underdog.

Stay humble. Keep innovating.

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