A possible sign that the world will be a better place one day…

Someone just explained to me that there is virtually no difference in the number of neurons between a chimpanzee’s brain and a human’s brain. The difference arises when one compares the number of connections between neurons.

In that regard, human brains are far ahead of chimpanzee brains. Therefore, intelligence is determined by the number of connections in the brain rather than the size of the brain.

Maybe this is the way of the world. The intelligence of human society is not so much determined by the number of humans, but rather by the number of connections between the humans.

If so, this is great news! Thanks to the mobile web, the connections are exponentially increasing, and there is no way to slow it down! In spite of the interventions of governments and companies, society is steamrolling down the path of greater inter-connectivity, which may one day mark the difference between the “chimpanzee” intelligence of previous civilisations, and a more “human” intelligence in the future.

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