7 lessons learnt from Tweetstorming

A while back Marc Andreessen started tweetstorming (10 to 20 consecutive tweets about a single subject)

Personally, I don’t like following tweetstormers because it clogs my feed. So I ignored.

But then I thought, Marc’s not a stupid guy, lets try it out and seen what happens.

Long story short, I’m now a fan of the judicious tweetstorm. They’re awesome. Thank you Marc Andreessen.

Lessons learnt:

1/7 Tweetstorms irrirate followers who know what I know. We are in an echo chamber, nodding as we spout truths we all agree on. Before tweetstorming I was tweeting to the converted.

2/7 Twitter is not about connecting with people like me. Twitter is about broadcasting to and following people that are not like me.

3/7 Tweetstorms alleviate the hassle of clicking of followers clicking my blog link and reading a dreary long article.

4/7 It’s a lot easier to retweet pithy wisdoms in a tweetstorm than it is to retweet a link to a blog.

5/7 The exercise of writing a tweetstorm blog is murder. Every paragraph must be boiled down to 140 characters. Every letter has to count.

6/7 When smart people like Marc Andreessen @pmarca do something, don’t be an armchair critic. Follow!

7/7 If the content of the tweetstorm is crappy, you will lose all your followers. No one follows noisy stupid people.

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