3 unexpected ways the iPhone has made my world a better place

  1. Putting the kids to bed

My wife and I used to fight over who would take our daughter to bed. The loser was in for an hour of staring into space in a dark room whilst waiting for the gurgling and crying to be replaced with peaceful sleep.

We still fight, but now it’s the winner who puts take the kid. Why? Because he/she can spend an entire hour surfing the web, checking emails and generally catch up on life!

2.             Queuing & waiting

Queue at home affairs? No problem. Wait in doctor’s rooms? No problem. Lunch appointment late? No problem. Life is no longer about minutes lost. It’s about minutes gained. Priceless minutes to be used in catching up with the InterWeb.

3.             Roadtrips

Oh sweet iPhone, I love you. No more crying, bored kids on the backseat. The merest peep and BOOM! Here is Dora Explorer, and life is good.

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