3 reasons why Indonesia is cooking…

After the Asian financial crisis of 1998 which culminated in Suharto’s departure, the Indonesian economy contracted by over 13%. Yes, 13%… That’s quite hectic!

Since then Indonesia has managed to confound the critics. It has had GDP growth of over 6% per annum for the past six years in a row. Also, more excitingly, it has a population of 240million with a growth rate of 1,9%.

Even though 85% of the population is Muslim (the largest in the world), it is not an Islamic state and has had two successive free and fair elections.

Fast growing economy, stable political situation, massive population…

Indonesia is a big story. Its probably not as comfortable living in Jakarta as it is in Boston, but if you want to make lots of money, then Indo is the place to be.

If you want read books, Boston is probably better.

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