3 kinds of social networks

This is obvious to some people, but it bears summing up for us laymen… There are three kinds of social networks:

1.    Broadcast – Twitter

This is about telling the world what you think, and finding out what other people think. It’s more like watching TV than having a conversation in that you don’t have to participate, nor do you need the permission of the broadcaster to watch him/her. Also, the broadcast is recorded so you need not watch in real-time.

2.    Sharing – Facebook

This is about sharing stories, photos and memories with your friends. It’s a conversation, but its not real-time, rather allowing for people to dip in and out at their leisure to catch up on other people’s lives.

3.    Dating – Match.com

This is about meeting new people, mostly in order to date. Its real-time, people are looking for a conversation (plus benefits), and participants have the right to remain anonymous.

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