23 qualities of a great leader

According to Michael Moritz and Alex Ferguson in Leading, a great leader:

  1. Is patient
  2. Is consistent
  3. Perserveres
  4. Doesn’t micromanage
  5. Delegates
  6. Doesn’t need the last word
  7. Trusts other’s judgment
  8. Fires friends if they don’t deliver
  9. Embraces the unthinkable
  10. Makes unpopular decisions
  11. Has a MISSION
  12. Can communicate the MISSION
  13. Can simplify
  14. Derives more satisfaction from the organisation’s achievements than from own achievements
  15. Doesn’t seek the spotlight
  16. Listens more than talks
  17. Knows what he doesn’t know
  18. Is humble
  19. Doesn’t panic
  20. Doesn’t radiate anxiety
  21. Is obsessive
  22. Is able to deal with all kinds of people
  23. Thinks and behaves as though he’s an owner, even if he’s not

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