13 things bad leaders do

  1. Secret meetings. If someone asks you to keep a secret she is not a leader.
  2. Avoid conflict. It’s easy to avoid the hard conversations and rather tell the other person what they want to hear, or avoid the meeting altogether.
  3. Don’t fire nice people. It’s easy firing assholes, much harder firing people that are kind and decent.
  4. Tell different people different stories. The greatest giveaway of a non-leader is a person who doesn’t speak up in a group, but prefers one-on-one meetings. That way he/she can never be caught out for telling different stories.
  5. Speak behind people’s backs or when they’re not in the room.
  6. Use rudeness as a tool to get attention, cloaked as brutal honesty.
  7. Pay yourself a big bonus but not give staff a raise.
  8. Take the glory for good news, pass the buck for bad news.
  9. Keep information to yourself, make yourself indispensable.
  10. Hold other people down, make them insecure, keep them in their box.
  11. Chop and change your mind.
  12. Rule by fear.
  13. Say one thing and do another. Buy Ricoffee for staff but drive a Ferrari.