Sometimes you have to trade values

What are your values?

Loyalty? Honesty? Respect?

Most times you can tick all your values when making decisions

But sometimes you have to choose.

Sometimes a decision is not compliant with all your values.

You have to choose loyalty over honesty, or respect over loyalty.

That’s when you need to be clear on the rankings.

What is your most important value?

When faced with big decisions, always put that value first.

  • King_Anonymous

    I would put it as “Respect over Honesty” or “Loyalty over Respect”. I think those values contrast more.
    For example; i respect her so i won’t tell her i cheated or in another example; i am loyal to this brand so i stay with it but i respect this other brand.

    I’m probably just being an idiot so i’ll go back to not commenting as i have been doing that too much lately.