Entrepreneurs pay their taxes

entrepreneur tax

Some people think paying taxes is stupid. They think the government wastes their money. They rather hide their money from the tax-man and chuckle at their cleverness.

These people are not in it for the long term. These people are not grateful for the opportunities their country has made possible.

They don’t need the roads, the schools, the courts, the police.

These people think they did it all by themselves, and they don’t owe the government anything.

These people are not entrepreneurs.

An entrepreneurs knows that no one ever got ahead by himself. He doesn’t begrudge the taxman.

He pays his taxes and he’s grateful for everything his country has given him.

If he’s unhappy with his government, he gets off the sidelines.

Not paying taxes is ok if you want to be a Mickey-Mouse businessman all your life. But if you have ambition, if you want to hit the big time, if you want to make real money, you must pay your taxes.

The tax-man will eventually find you, and when he does he’ll check your history. Your history better be clean as a whistle.

The best thing about paying tax is that it means you make a profit.

There’s nothing wrong with making a profit.

There’s nothing wrong with paying your taxes.

  • Coenraad Loubser

    Well said.

    And I might add: Even if the tax man tries to close you down because the reputable accountant you thought you had screwed up. Let no entrepreneur leave anything up to his accountant, ever!

    And when you’re busy with the biggest deal of your life…The tax man proverbially holds a gun against your head, threatening to close down the business that has never paid you anything more than a subsistence salary. (After all, why pay yourself when you can use that money to grow your business, right?!). All that while serving a few thousand customers and employing more than ten, something you never thought you’d achieve in the first place.

    And even if just the “fines” on your accountants’ mistakes is more than you would’ve loved to earn in a year.

    If surviving that, realizing that nobody’s got your back and it’s all up to you, doesn’t make you realize how stupid you’ve been and how much more money you could’ve made, nothing will.

    Then again, perhaps ironically the lesson in that, above a healthy respect for money and taxes, is that everything isn’t about money.

  • King_Anonymous

    I hate taxes with all my heart. I guess that’s mainly because “my” government is incompetent.